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      Welcome to our forum! We’re so happy to meet you… Please read this notice carefully before use of the forum. Once you’re logged in, you can start using the forum. You can now, for instance, post and search in the forums. You can also see all of the member forums, whereas before some of the forums were closed off for privacy reasons. So, if you want to post something that only want your fellow Tuka Tuka users to see, make sure you post it in a private forum.

      The forums are divided into main categories and those categories are divided into subcategories by means of subforums. If there are categories or subcategories missing in your opinion, please let us know. Within the subforums there are topic threads. These topics are started by the users themselves. When you create a topic, please make sure it is placed in the right subforum.

      Important: the marketplace is for non-commercial use only. If you want to sell products or services commercially, please get in touch us to discuss the possibilities for advertising on our website. Also: do not post your events on the forum. That’s what our Events section is for. Please request additional permissions via the About us page if you want to share your events as described in the User Manual…

      As we wrote before, we aim to create a large international community on this site so we can share our passion with even more people. The main language on this forum is therefore English and we ask you to largely stick to this. For safety purposes any languages that we cannot understand are not allowed, simply because it prevents us from moderating possibly inappropriate content. The languages that we understand are: English, Dutch and German. As the number of moderators increases the languages might as well. If so, the new languages will be added above.

      But still, the aim is to be one large happy family. So please stick to English as much as possible and only use these other languages in those cases where you really don’t know the words. Never make fun of other people’s mistakes; correcting them isn’t necessary either. For a lot of us English isn’t our first language and we’re not here for language lessons. Language shaming might cause people to shut up all together, which may result in all of us losing out on valuable information.

      Remember to always treat each other courteously. Badmouthing is not allowed anywhere on our site. Neither is playing on the man instead of the ball. We’re sure that even those of you who don’t the rules of football will know what we mean. It goes without saying that any form of discrimination is not done and will have consequences. You don’t always have to agree with each other, but everyone is entitled to their opinion, if stated in an acceptable manner.

      Well, that’s it for now.

      Wishing you all a great time connecting,
      Your Tuka Team

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