PaPa GoNi

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PaPa GoNi has a huge passion for African music.

Inspired by nature and the immensly rich West African culture, PaPa GoNi incorporates soul, jazz, atmospheric and african music in danceable grooves and an eclectic sound, spiced with djembe solo’s, guitar breaks and sparkling harpplay on the kamale n’goni.

Bandmembers come from or travelled to Guinea, Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso and South America.

  • Damani Leidsman – lead vocals
  • Michiel Moerkerk – n’Goni + djembé
  • Frank Jonas – guitar
  • Paulus Kock – bassguitar
  • Sander Berkvens – drums
  • Lauriane Ghils – n’Goni + percussion + backing vocals
  • Guests: Tagus Traoré – trumpet+vocals / Octacio Fanes – saxophone

The story behind the bandname

The n’goni plays a central role in our repertoire, therefore it is included in our bandname. PaPa, a percussive sound like two open djembé-slaps, and the meaning of PaPa, are appealing to us. PaPa GoNi has been on a journey … and returns home with a new story.

The story behind the logo

The PaPa GoNi logo depicts a festive mask. It is constructed out of the bands’ initials, an african pattern, a hat and a tongue. The logo stands for pleasure and a deep blend of positive world music. The tongue stands for freedom and exuberance. The hat stands for the keeper of good ideas.

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Michiel Moerkerk

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