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Souvenirs d’Afrique

  West African percussion Dutch and Flemish friends make music inspired by traditional West African rhythms. Besides doundouns (bass drums), djembe and shekere, the kamale n’goni and the saxophone are central to their company.       Members band Rudy Aerts Jirka Peeters Luc Mariën Meta Severin Arnold Hölzken Juliette Schets Fiene Bee Influences Famoudou […]

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PaPa GoNi

PaPa GoNi has a huge passion for African music. Inspired by nature and the immensly rich West African culture, PaPa GoNi incorporates soul, jazz, atmospheric and african music in danceable grooves and an eclectic sound, spiced with djembe solo’s, guitar breaks and sparkling harpplay on the kamale n’goni. Bandmembers come from or travelled to Guinea, Mali, […]

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