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Laurence Hill

Laurence is one of the UK’s leading djembe teachers and founder of the Drum Africa Community Band classes. Renowned for his inspirational and unique approach to teaching, Laurence combines the best elements of the traditional African teaching method with holistic rhythmical musicianship training. He studied drum kit and percussion at Trinity College of Music, where he […]

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Ousmane Seye

Ousmane Seye is from Senegal and came to the Netherlands in 1995. He was born in Saint Louis and raised in Dakar. He was apprenticed to his grandfather M’Baye Sedèkh M’Bengue and his brother Lamine Coura M’Benge, both well-known Griot (musicians who play on special occasions) from Senegal. Until 1995 he played as a percussionist […]

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Hans Sutton

Hans Sutton is well known as a skilled and inspiring djembe teacher and Malian drumming specialist. He is also establishing a reputation as one of London’s most creative percussionists. Trained in both western and West African music traditions, he brings a fresh and intelligent approach to his teaching, and a virtuosic musicianship to his playing. […]

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Oumar Almamy Camara

Oumar Almamy Camara is from Conakry Guinea where he started dancing when he was 15 years old. He went on to work with two Guinean national companies: Ballet Joliba and Percussion Des Guinea. Almamy was also lead dancer with a number of other Guinean groups including Ballet Nafaya and as choreographer and acrobat in Circus […]

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N’famady Kouyaté

N’famady Kouyaté is Malinké in origin, from a family that hails from the region of Siguiri in Guinea (West Africa). Descended from a long line of griots (djeli), N’famady is a master balafonist (balafola), singer, percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, and the founder member and leader of Les Héritiers du Mandingue (a traditional Mandingue-modern fusion group) – now […]

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Sidiki Dembele

Sidiki is a multi-instrumentalist, originally from the Ivory Coast, whose talent knows no bounds. He comes from a well-known Malian griot family, which means African music is in his blood and he has trained from childhood with some of the most talented musical masters in West Africa. Though Sidiki is a master of many instruments, […]

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Iya Mory Sako

Iya Mory Sako (pronounced “eeya”) is Malinké, one of the many different tribes of Guinea. Malinké people use a rich variety of traditional instruments and rhythms to celebrate special occasions such as weddings and baby naming ceremonies and accompany everyday events such as farming the land. The rhythms of the Wassalon region are strongly influenced […]

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Aboubacar “Abou” Sylla

Aboubacar “Abou” Sylla is a master percussionist, musician, performer and teacher of West African music and dance, as well as a traditional instrument builder. Abou has been performing professionally for over 20 years, and teaches and shares the music, dance and culture of West Africa throughout the United States and around the world. Born into […]

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Justine Hart

Since 1998, Justine has built extensive experience teaching groups of all abilities, structuring her tuition style and content according to the needs of different types of client, student and environment. She is known for her passion and enthusiasm for West African music, giving engaging, popular workshops and performances. Justine frequently visits West Africa to continue […]

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Sebastiaan de Vries

Sebastiaan has been drumming since he was 14 and has been to West-Africa a lot. He teaches classes and workshops in djembe and dundun with enormous enthusiasm and drive. His classes are playful and challenging; the workshops are aimed at team building and cooperation. After having worked in journalism and ICT for years, Sebastiaan started […]

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