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Mounafanyi vzw

Mounafanyi vzw wants to promote the African culture, not only by organizing lessons and workshops of African percussion and dance, but also by organizing performances and events in a multicultural setting, of which the profit goes to projects in Africa (Guinea). We also want to create meeting opportunities for artists from North and South and […]

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Sabougnouma International African Drumming

Sabougnouma International African Drumming Sabougnouma International African Drumming is a group who organises workshops, drumming classes, festivals and much more. We work with the support of Sabougnouma VZW – Sabougnouma GPS – Manding Foli VZW – North and South Cultural Exchange Festival.

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Hartbeats African Drumming

Hartbeats provides workshops & performances for a wide range of events, groups, promoters and organisations, focusing mainly on traditional West African rhythms, played on drums such as the ‘djembe’ and ‘dundun’. Led by Justine Hart, accompanying songs and dances may also be taught or performed, depending on bespoke requirements. Workshop sessions boost the energy and receptivity […]

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Michiel Moerkerk

From a young age my love for rhythm and music was clear. Started with drums and conga, the African percussion came on my path. For many years I have dedicated myself to the djembé and doundouns.  When the Kamele N’goni crossed my path, i was immediately touched by the instrument. The beautiful sound and the […]

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Tuka Tuka is a welcoming home to those who love African percussion and dance and the organiser of the one and only Tuka Tuka weekend.

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