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Eef is such a great teacher that there are people who have stayed a beginner for more than ten year, just to be able to stay in his class. A weekend with him is not only good for the African music loving ears but also for the soul. How Eef got to be such a good teacher? Here’s what he has to say on the matter himself:

From an early age I had a good feel for playing musical instruments. I used to play guitar and flute. Around 1996 I got to know the djembe and from the very first moment is was as if I had known this instrument for ages while I had never played percussion before. This was the main incentive for me to teach this instrument, as is the enthusiasm I feel time and time again when I play the drum. It is wonderful to see what drumming does with people and through the drum get them acquainted with their limitations and as a result their possibilities.

More and more I have come to realise that drumming rhythms are connected to our own life rhythm. Through drumming I have come to view people differently. They sort of become more transparent to me. From that moment onwards I am capable of giving people more insight into themselves and a push in the right direction.

I have been teaching djembe for 18 years already. I also do many workshops (schools, prisons, events, teambuilding, therapeutical, etc.) For nine years now, I have been teaching on La Palma for a month at a time. I love doing that. I have a great job.

Best, Eef

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Feb 07 2020
TukaTuka 2020

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