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Listening In, Understanding More: The Krin

Posted by on 8.6.20 in All blogs, Informative blogs, Percussion

While some instruments in West Africa are specific to a certain group of people or geographical location, other instruments can be more universal to the region as a whole. The krin drum falls into this latter category. Also known as log or slit drums, variations on this type of drum can be found throughout West […]

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Listening In, Understanding More: The Bolon

Posted by on 21.5.20 in All blogs, Bolon, Informative blogs

Shrouded in mysticism, the once-great bolon instrument has now all but completely disappeared from contemporary West African music. Occasionally seen in ballet contexts, it’s hard to grasp the importance of the bolon in carrying messages about conflict, war and peace to various villages in Mali and Guinea. Nevertheless, the bolon is an intriguing instrument, with […]

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Listening In, Understanding More: the balafon

Posted by on 7.5.20 in All blogs, Balafon, Informative blogs, Percussion

When reading articles and stories about new music and sounds, it’s so important to actually do the listening as well as the reading. Otherwise it’s like reading about a sport without ever moving and putting the words into practice – how else are you really supposed to understand how to play the game, or understand […]

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