Tuka Tuka Weekend 2022: the 20th anniversary edition!!

Please notice that we use the 24h time system.

We proudly present…. *drumroll* ….. the 20th (!!) edition of the Tuka Tuka Weekend! This year we will be in Sint Michielsgestel where the wonderful domain of Zonnewende can be found. This comfortable group accommodation– where we hosted Tuka Tuka several times in the past – has everything we could wish for and is located in a beautiful forested area. Another plus, this location is very close to Eindhoven Airport for all of you who are flying in.

Djembe, doundoun, ngoni and African dance workshops

For this special edition of Tuka Tuka – cos in March in time, first time since the start of the corona-stuff and the 20th time as well – we are presenting a programme to feast on. We managed to get maestro Oké Sène to teach the far advanced djembe group. Our advanced group will be under the inspiring direction of Douba Dembele. The beginners and slightly advanced group find themselves in the very capable hands of Eef Bresser. The African dance group will be led by the always limber John Kayongo, with the marvellous live accompaniment of Michiel, Sega en Daan. Ngoni legend Victor Sams is signing on for the ngoni classes for mixed levels. And Paulus Kock will have those skins vibrate exhilaratingly during his famous doundoun classes.

Our own crew will again be making sure you’ll have a wonderful weekend. We’ll have our usual (and FAMOUS) party nights. So, in short, great quality workshops, fun nights, good atmosphere. It will be superb!!

Tuka Tuka African musical weekend also open to guests

Tuka Tuka 2022 is also open to guests of our participants who do not want to enter workshops or jam sessions, but just want to have a fun weekend with African influences. You can join in for meals, the party nights and the presentations at the end of the weekend. During the day there are plenty of other things to see and do. The two lively cities of Den Bosch and Eindhoven and all they have to offer are nearby. Our location also offers splendid walking opportunities.

So, if you just want to have a nice weekend with fun people in an exciting environment, you are very welcome to join us. If you’ve always wanted to bring, for instance, your partner or sister, now is your chance. We offer a reduced rate for our participants’ guests.

A wonderful weekend full of those well-known Tuka Tuka moments

In short, it will be a weekend for Tuka visitors by Tuka visitors! We are really looking forward to and hope to see as many of you as possible. Want to help us? Please share the existence of this weekend with as many people as possible. Share it on social media, via e-mail or just plain word of mouth. Thanks a lot in advance

Main event details

25-03-2022 - 27-03-2022
€ (EUR) 240

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