Babara Bangoura

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Babara Bangoura, a Guinean djembefola, is the spiritual son of the Guinean djembe-master Mamady Keita. Babara is a member of Keita’s mythical group Sewa Kan. In Conakry, the capital city of Guinea, Babara joined the Guinean Junior Percussionists at a very early age and later on joined the National Ballet ‘Djoliba’.

Nowadays he leads his own group Foli Kan and is very dedicated to propagate the Guinea tradition and the art of playing djembe. Babara regularly performs with various European groups he founded. All over Europe Babara teaches how to play the djembe and other Mandinke percussion instruments. Furthermore he is also the founder of the International North-South  Cultural Exchange Festival. This festival takes place in Conakry and provides musicians from all over the world with the opportunity to share their passion for the traditional Mandinke music and dance.

As a djembefola, Babara is dedicated to promote Mamady’s message: music has no boundaries and skincolour is not an obstacle for meeting other cultures. Several artists already integrated his creations into their albums.

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Dec 05 2020
Djembe workshop with Babara Bangoura Fakoly

Some great news ! We have been able to reschedule our workshop in Senegal. If all goes well…Learn more

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