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Since 1998, Justine has built extensive experience teaching groups of all abilities, structuring her tuition style and content according to the needs of different types of client, student and environment. She is known for her passion and enthusiasm for West African music, giving engaging, popular workshops and performances. Justine frequently visits West Africa to continue her ongoing study of this exciting musical form and to experience something of the areas and the cultures from which it originates. She has performed at the Kartong Festival in The Gambia and at the Abene Festival and Dombondir Festival in Senegal, and continues to study percussion, dance and song in both in Senegal and the UK. She also leads the Vitae Drummers drumming ensemble, plus other local drumming groups, regularly teaches West African dancing and has proved a trustworthy organiser of many associated festivals, gatherings and expeditions.


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Justine Hart

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Aug 20 2020

A three day camp focusing on the djembe plus dance, balafon, dundun and singing with evening performances on…Learn more