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Paulus Kock

For over thirty years Paulus has been active in several bands as a drummer, bass player, percussionist and nowadays as a singer as well. He has been teaching djembe and dunun for more than twenty years durings regular classes, workshops and for performances alike. Doundounsaba (three duns at the same time) is his speciality. He […]

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Michiel Moerkerk

From a young age my love for rhythm and music was clear. Started with drums and conga, the African percussion came on my path. For many years I have dedicated myself to the djembé and doundouns.  When the Kamele N’goni crossed my path, i was immediately touched by the instrument. The beautiful sound and the […]

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John Kayongo

John Kayongo was born and raised in Nairobi (Kenya) with Ugandan roots and was a successful dancer at a young age. After studying anthropology, he had the unique opportunity to come to the Netherlands to study modern dance at the School voor Nieuwe Dansontwikkeling in Amsterdam. John has been teaching African dance enthusiastically for many […]

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Paul Nas

Paul Nas’ greatest passion and inspiration is the balafon, as a musician, as a teacher and in the shows he gives in the Dutch primary schools. The balafon is a unique instrument that isn’t very well known in the Netherlands. Balafons are known throughout Africa, but Burkina Faso is the country in which it really […]

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Serge Badoué

Serge Badoué was born in Cote d’Ivoire, where he is recognised as a great dance talent from an early age. He studied at the prestigious Centre de la Danse in Abidjan. He has danced in several groups, ranging from very traditional to modern, which has moulded him into an extraordinarily versatile teacher and dancer. In […]

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Oké Sène

Abdoulaye ‘Oké’ Sène was born into a Griot family in Senegal and was raised in the Medina quarter of Dakar. Oké is a born performer on djembe and sabar, who’s famous for his mind bogglingly fast solos. He was already part of “Deco Afrique”and “Les Ballets Africains de Sangomar” at the age of ten and […]

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Eef Bresser

Eef is such a great teacher that there are people who have stayed a beginner for more than ten year, just to be able to stay in his class. A weekend with him is not only good for the African music loving ears but also for the soul. How Eef got to be such a […]

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Babara Bangoura

Babara Bangoura, a Guinean djembefola, is the spiritual son of the Guinean djembe-master Mamady Keita. Babara is a member of Keita’s mythical group Sewa Kan. In Conakry, the capital city of Guinea, Babara joined the Guinean Junior Percussionists at a very early age and later on joined the National Ballet ‘Djoliba’. Nowadays he leads his […]

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