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Sidiki is a multi-instrumentalist, originally from the Ivory Coast, whose talent knows no bounds. He comes from a well-known Malian griot family, which means African music is in his blood and he has trained from childhood with some of the most talented musical masters in West Africa. Though Sidiki is a master of many instruments, his heart lies with the djembe. He says of the traditional West African drum – ‘The djembe is a spiritual force, teaching us to live in peace, love each other, respect each other, be humble and be tolerant’. And certainly, these are the principles that Sidiki lives by.

Sidiki is now based in Manchester, UK – but he is sought after and travels all over the world to perform and teach workshops. His performances are powerful, explosive and mind blowing. His djembe skills are quite simply, out of this world. Close your eyes and you will be transported right into the heart of West Africa. He is also a patient and kind teacher, with much wisdom to share. Passing on his talent is one of his greatest joys.

So, if you are a musician looking to collaborate, a production company or event organiser wanting to book a Sidiki Djembe performance or an up and coming drummer who’d like to organise a workshop – please get in touch.

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