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      So, let start off with Abondan.

      I found this video online of Mamafoli (names of the players in the video description).

      According to de description of this video Abondan is a rhythm which was played when the king went out to ride on the horse. The story goes that boys and girls danced in honor of the King. After that dance the King gave a speech.
      Today, Abondan is a popular rhythm that is danced in a circle.

      Can anyone add details?

      • background
      • sound and video sampels
      • transcription
      • a few nice breaks 🙂
      • are there specific dance moves that go with it?



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      Te gek ritme! Ik combineer een sangban en doun-kenkeni riddim van M.Keita (zie boek) met wat oude djembe patronen ooit geleerd via George Soro…duurt effe voor alles soepel loopt want een aantal ritmes lijkt ‘om elkaar’ heen te lopen maar dan heb je ook wat!


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